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Imagine this...

You have just gotten onto the World-Wide Web. You are a painter and are interested in learning more about women artists. You go to your favorite search site and put in the key words, "women artists." A list of sites come up but somehow you have a vague suspicion that not everything is there. Is there a place where people focus only on finding sites that primarily focus on women?

Enter WWWomen, the most inclusive, up-to-date search site for women's topics. Searching WWWomen, you can be assured that our team of online surfers (who can verify links as valid and relevant) have compiled the most comprehensive list possible.

WWWomen fills a need for anyone who is looking for topics relating to women. We are dedicated to finding all sites on the Web relevant to women-- from sites about child rearing and pregnancy to sites about civil liberties, careers and religion. Supportive of women and their interests, WWWomen offers no political, religious or philosophical agenda and hopes to attract women of all attitudes and persuasions.

While other search engines do contain sites relating to women- many collected automatically by search robots, we feel it takes a dedicated and constant effort to obtain, qualify, maintain and organize this area. WWWomen will get you to women's related topics faster than any other site. WWWomen has already sorted through all of the irrelevant and invalid links for you so that you obtain the fastest and most relevant searches possible.

Remember, if it's a women's related topic, WWWomen is the place to search.

Features of WWWomen

  • Browse Categories of the Largest Female Database

WWWomen was able to take its extensive database of verified sites and develop categories based upon the existing content for women on the web. We invite you to click on any of our categories to get a feel for the kind of links we've made available to you. We will develop new categories as content grows in new areas.

  • Key Word Searches
  • Not sure what category a site might be under? Just plug in one, two, or three keywords and in seconds you will have a list of relevant and dynamic links!

  • Survey
  • We've seen the surveys on women on the Internet and the World-Wide Web. Who knows how reliable these figures are but we do know they are forming people's opinions about women online. We think WWWomen should add our voice to that public opinion. While not scientific, as it is voluntary, we still think the results from our users will lend a powerful statement to the public debate.

    You only need to fill out the survey once. Information will be entered into a database and survey results will be reported periodically to the media and interested businesses. NO information unique to you (such as email address) will be sold or given to external companies or sponsors! We want you to feel comfortable filling out this survey and adding your voice to the survey results of what women are doing online. See our Survey Page if you haven't filled one out for us yet.

  • Message Boards
  • WWWomen understands the importance of community among women and we are unique among the popular directories in adding an area where women can exchange email posts on various topics corresponding to areas of interest to women. WWWomen currently has over 50 discussion boards on a wide range of topics. Full list can be found at our Forums Page.

    Examples of announcement type of message boards are: WWWomen Help Desk. This is where you can post a question if you are having trouble finding a particular womens resource. Our Cool WebSites announcement board is a great place for new sites to say hello to our online community of women. And our Women Online News is where you will find interesting news clips about women and our Events Calendar is where you can post announcements of events, and conferences.

    These forums are moderated - advertisements or inappropriate posts will be removed by moderators, to ensure quality discussions.

  • Sponsor of the World Wide Women's WebRing!
  • WWWomen sponsors and maintains a free service which links together women's sites in a kind of chain, called The WWWomen's WebRing. A user can click on a special graphic of each participating site and jump from women's site to women's site.

    WWWomen sponsors five of these Guided Webring Tours: Main, Arts & Entertainment, Business Organizations, Sports, and Women Business Owners. More details and information on signing up for the WWWomen's WebRing at Or see an overview of our webring tours.

  • WWWomen Site Awards
  • In an effort to increase the visibility of well done sites that are made for women or by women, WWWomen offers an award of recognition: Best of WWWomen Site Award.

    Best of WWWomen Site Awards go to those sites we feel represent the best in content, inspiration, exploration, and presentation. These sites can display our award icon [sent by WWWomen] to increase their visibility and let their users know these sites have been recognized as great. We will also place the above icon next to your listing in our database and feature your listing prominently on an awards page.

  • The Women's Resource Room
  • WWWomen has developed a resource room that contains over 700 links which will help women find search resources and informational pages which cover many of the general interest and non-women focused sites. We understand women are interested in many topics and we hope this excellent source of tools will women find what they are looking for no matter what the topic.

  • Mailing Lists
  • WWWomen offers its own informative monthly newsletter. It's easy to sign up. We also feature an excellent resource of over 300 mailing lists for women on a wide range of topics.

  • User Satisfaction Feedback
  • WWWomen values constant feedback from our users about how we are doing and how we can improve. Our User Satisfaction Feedback form can be filled out at any time and as many times as you want to provide us with information with things you like and things you don't like. Our form will ask you to rate key areas of performance and allow you to write in general comments. These results go automatically into a database and are reviewed monthly by our executive staff, unless a problem requires immediate attention.

  • Sponsorships
  • WWWomen is a great place for businesses to benefit from our exposure to the women's online market. WWWomen attracts a 97% female demographic. Our users are well-educated, professional, and spend a lot time online. In addition to sponsorships or banner advertising on WWWomen, we also offer advertising opportunities on BannerWomen, an advertising network of different women's websites aggregating their pageviews and audience into one simple buy. In addition, WWWomen offers, a jobs and careers network for professional women, with a jobs mailing list. is a website advertising representation agency representing a select number of high quality female-oriented websites. List of sites represented and profiles can be found on the HerAgency website.

    To discuss your marketing needs further, please contact our marketing representative or call at (415) 221-4625.

    Also, please visit our MarketSpace, a low-cost alternative classifieds market place for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

  • Placing a WWWomen Search Form on Your Site!
  • The easiest way to increase the value of your site is to place a WWWomen Search Form on your web site. This free service provides a way for your users to search on current womens links without having to leave your site. See our instructions page at Saves you time, adds value for your visitors!

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