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Dallas Rainbow NOW - Working on issues of sexual harassment, discrimination, reproductive rights, child care, equal pay, rape awareness, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Daughter of the Night: A Tanith Lee Bibliography - Feminist science fiction author. A comprehensive listing of all UK and US publications.

DisAbled Women's Network (DAWN) - A non-profit organziation made up of both women with disabilities and non-disabled women from all backgrounds and (dis)abilities. A feminist organization that supports women in their struggles to control their own lives.

Divorce: Causes Prevention Statistics Support Feminism - Promote the book, The 91% Factor: Why Women Initiate 91% of Divorce, published by, American Political Press, located in Stanford, CT.

Dworkin, Andrea - Web Site - Check out selections from her most important nonfiction books. Get the texts of some of her most powerful speeches, articles, and interviews. Look up text of the antipornography civil rights ordinance she co-authored.

Electra Pages: Women's Information Exchange (WIE) - Website provides an online directory of women's organizations including addresses, phone numbers and email/website links.

Equity NJ - Gender Equity -

FEMALE: Die FEMinistische ALternativE im Internet - From Austria

Fabula Magazine - San Francisco-based feminist magazine, which is geared towards an audience wanting a fresh, woman-friendly look at today's social and political issues.

Face to Face - International campaign for universal access to reproductive health care, women's empowerment, and gender equality.

Feminism - Webpages designed at Los Angeles Valley College, located in Van Nuys, CA, which provides an essay discussing feminism.

Feminism & Nonviolence Studies Journal - Explores the tradition of prolife feminism and related life and death issues.

Feminism & Women's Resources Page - Webpages created by Karen Adshead and Jim Mansfield as a list of the feminism, women's studies or women-related resources on the net.

Feminism FAQ's - Usenet Faqs on discussion group, soc.feminism.

Feminism and Feminist-Related Sites - This a listing of some of the feminism, women's studies, or women-related sources on the net.

Feminism and Women's Literature - Literary Resources - Webpage is devoted to sites specifically on women's literature, feminist criticism and gender studies.

Feminism and Women's Studies - Website provides an index of links related to feminism and womens studies.

Feminism and the Exclusion of Army Women - Research paper by Laura Miller, a National Security Fellow at the John M. Olin Institute, who examines the feminist agenda and its complications.

Feminism and the Net - A Guide for Fun Feminists - Webpages provide a short primer on some of the feminist resources.

Feminism, Ideology, and Deconstruction: A Pragmatist View - Richard Rorty-journal article.

Feminist Activist Resources on the Net - This guide is particularly oriented toward connecting Feminists who are Activists to resources on the Internet which could be of use.

Feminist Bookstore Index - Resources for Canada and the US.

Feminist Bookstores Index - Provides a list of US bookstores by state, with an index to Canada, mail-order only services and links to international outlets.

Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources - Contains news of the latest print and audiovisual resources for research and teaching in women's studies. Recent book reviews have treated such subjects as African American women writers and women in the international marketplace.

Feminist Liberation Theologians' Network - News and views of the Feminist Liberation Theologiansí Network, a project of WATER convened by Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza and Mary E. Hunt.

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