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Questions Relating to Searching on WWWomen
Questions Relating to Adding an URL
Questions Relating to Award-Winning Sites
Questions Relating to Sponsorship
Questions Regarding WWWomen

* Questions Relating to Searching on WWWomen

  • Do I use the home page for my searches or the Options page?
  • We provide a simple search field on the home page to help you save time. This simple field is defaulted to an and type of boolean search (for example: keyword1 and keyword2). We recommend the home page for quick one or two word searches.

    For more advanced features, you have the optional choice of the Options page. The Options page also has the default and search capabilities of the home page, but also provides some other choices: or type of searches, and not searches that can exclude words. You also have the choice to select your search on whole words or partial words. Obviously, the more complex your search, the longer it will take to process.

  • Exactly what is the search searching on?
  • The search looks for your keywords in either the Title of the site, the URL Address, or the Summary Statement.

  • How can I see all of my search results on one page?
  • We offer 25 results per page for better distribution of bandwidth usage across all users. It means your searches will run a little faster because pages are delivered in smaller chunks. While you are reading the first page of results, another user is able to have their search begin processing.

  • I can't find a site through the search engine that I know you have listed in your category pages. Why doesn't it come up on my search?
  • Believe it or not, this often happens because there is a mis-spelling in your keywords. Otherwise, make sure you are using keywords that can be found in the Title, the URL Address, or the Summary Statement.

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    * Questions Relating to Adding an URL

  • Can I add my web site for free?
  • Yes! Listing URLs with WWWomen is absolutely free, though each request is screened and verified for validity and relevance. Be careful to look and see if we haven't already listed your site through our own research.

  • What type of sites are accepted at WWWomen?
  • WWWomen accepts sites where the primary focus of the site or resource is related to women or owned by women. If one of the sub-sections of your site has a separate and woman-focused section, we will list the sub-section URL but not the main URL.

  • What type of sites are not accepted at WWWomen?
  • WWWomen reserves the right to refuse any site for any reason. With that in mind, we tend to steer away from any site that is offensive or abusive to women. We do not tend to accept sites that are written by men and are a list or photo-album of beautiful women. We tend to avoid sex-related sites not because women don't have sex :) but because it reduces the abuse from surfing hormonely challenged boys looking for sex content.

    We also do not list sites that have no real content. For example, a personal page that has a couple of hot links and a title does not have enough content to warrant a listing. We also do not accept sites that most of it is under construction.

    We also do not accept sites who's focus is for both men and women. There are plenty of other search engines for that. We focus on sites where the primary focus is women or is woman-owned.

  • What if my site belongs in more than one category?
  • In order to avoid duplication and maintain a high level of quality within the list of links, you can only list your URL within one category. Carefully choose the wording of your summary to contain the keywords you want people to find you with and they will find you using the search engine. When choosing the one category, select the most likely place people would look for your resource. WWWomen will look at your suggestion in your request to add your URL and place the listing where we feel most appropriate.

    We will develop new categories as content within that area grows. At that time we will move all related listings to that new category.

  • How long will take for my request to be processed and my site listed?
  • The time of processing depends heavily on the ebb and flow of incoming requests. Each request must be checked and validated by a person to ensure the quality of our listings. We will send you an email when your site has been approved (which means it will list within 24 hours) or rejected and why. Sites are randomly checked on a periodic basis to ensure validity and on-going relevancy. If your site can not be contacted in three of our attempts to contact it, it will be removed from our directory.

    If we are running into delayed processing times based upon demand, we will begin to list average posting time-lags so you may know what to expect.

  • Can I add WWWomen as a link on my own web site?
  • We would be honored to be a link on your web site. We recommend you do not provide direct links to sub-sections of the site as they may change as categories grow and expand into new categories and listings get shifted around. But a link to our home page is perfectly appropriate and just lovely! You can even download our special WWWomen icon to make clickable on your web site.

  • Can I use your listing of sites on my own web site?
  • No. We are much like a company that rents mailing lists in that regard. We have embedded code and sites that would alert us to the download and misuse of our listings. Best to just link to our home page and save yourself all that work anyway! Download our special WWWomen icon for your web site and link it to our home page. That way, you can be sure to offer your visitors the latest all the time.

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    * Questions Relating to Award-Winning Sites

    • Who reviews the sites that win awards?

    A team of writers and editors at WWWomen review and rate sites which will then qualify to receive our Top WWWomen Site Award.

  • How does WWWomen rate the sites that become award winners?
  • Reviewers evaluate each site for content (depth, thoroughness, frequency of updating, community-building, relevant links, generally worth recommending), inspiration (is the site specifically inspirational to women), exploration (well organized and easy to navigate), and presentation (overall appealing design, original graphics, use of leading edge tools/techniques). Content is weighted as 70 percent of the score, inspiration 10 percent, exploration 5 percent and presentation 15 percent.

  • Can I submit my site for consideration of an award to WWWomen?
  • Yes. If you haven't already found your site in our database listings, please fill out our Submit URL form. We will check it at the time we need to validate your site for relevancy to our database anyway. If you are already listed and would like to bring your site to our attention for an potential award, please feel free to write us an email. We regretfully can not guarantee we will personally respond to your email but we will look at your site.

  • What happens if my site wins an award from WWWomen?
  • Two things will happen. First, we will send you an email letting you know we found your site to be exceptional. We will send an attachment gif file with our award icon so you can put that on your page. [We also appreciate you using this icon to link back to our home page of] Secondly, we put an identifying icon next to your listing in our database for whenever your listing comes up for viewers. This lets our users know your site is a grade above the rest and worth visiting.

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    * Questions Relating to Sponsorship

    • Why should I consider a sponsorship with WWWomen?

    WWWomen provides the unique benefit of exposure to the very hot women's market. The focus of our site lends itself naturally to a more qualified viewership and a better value for your marketing dollars than a more generic search engine. And our unique combination of directory listing and community-building through discussion group forums means the right people spend more time at our site and come back more often. That also translates into a better value for your marketing dollars.

  • What programs do you offer for businesses interested in marketing with WWWomen?
  • We offer a range of programs for every type of budget. We offer common marketing banners on various levels of our site, a special page where businesses can offer discounts to WWWomen visitors, banners tied to keyword searches, as well as some unique custom programs we can develop and work with you on.

    If your company does not yet have a web presence but you'd love to market with WWWomen, we can even offer you a profile page so visitors have a simple site they can go look at when they see your banner.

    We invite you to tell us more about your needs and work with us to develop a program that fits your budget and meets your needs. Email us or call at (415) 221-4625.

  • How much does it cost to market with WWWomen?
  • We have a wide range of programs to fit a range of budgets, from standard impression-based banner advertising to click-through advertising to custom programs. Our rates are competitive with the top search engines offering advertising opportunities.

    Please email us with your specific needs (include email and/or phone number) and we can develop a quote for you.

  • How do you track the effectiveness of marketing on your site?
  • We maintain "hit" or "impression" logs from server access much like many sites do. Our prices are based upon the average hit rates within each category and/or value-added services. We will work with you to make sure your site can track "click-through" rates orginating from WWWomen.

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    * Questions Regarding WWWomen

    • Who owns WWWomen?

    WWWomen is a privately held company that exclusively focuses on building and maintaining the best women's search directory on the Internet. We are based out of San Francisco, California.

  • How is your service different than Yahoo, or any of the search engines available today? Why would I use WWWomen instead of one of them?
  • Great question. We thought very carefully before choosing a model for our search directory. Because we are focusing on a vertical topic- women, we felt human intervention was critical in making sure our listings were both relevant to women and current. Many of the robots have millions of pages cataloged but many of these pages are old invalid links or links that just aren't relevant to your search for women's content.

    So we chose more of a Yahoo model, where we can validate links and provide meaningful summaries that help you decide which sites you need to visit. Many of the current "review" sites have taken this same approach. But we know relying only upon submissions by users would not ensure solid coverage of the women's content available on the Internet. So, at WWWomen, we also rely on spider robot technology to search out sites for us to review for relevancy and currency.

    We feel this combined strategy is perfect for developing a very focused, quality directory of listings our users will enjoy.

    Why use WWWomen? Because women's content and maintaining a great directory of women's sites is the only thing we are focused on. We spend alot of time making sure we have current listings, that we are networking in women's organizations, encouraging women to get online, speaking to women's groups, and writing about women online. No general directory or search engine could provide this kind of focus.

  • How big is the database at WWWomen
  • We currently have more listings that focuses on women's content than any current resource on the net. While many robot-type search engines boast of extremely large databases, we prefer to to validate the relevancy and currency of our links. The absolute size is much smaller than a robot search engine, but the quality of the contents much, much better.

  • What platform does WWWomen run on?
  • WWWomen runs on an Apache Unix server connected to a T3 on a backbone hub. Our search technology is a proprietary program written specifically for our needs at WWWomen. Our equipment plans will grow as our service grows based upon the needs of our users.

  • Who do I contact if I have a technical problem with WWWomen?
  • Please email us with your question or comments. We will respond as quickly as we can.

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