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What Drives You?

Honorable Mention Essay

by Lori Blake

I am very lucky to have so many people in my life to keep me motivated. If I were to choose just three of these people, I would have to say that my Grandmother, my children and my boss are the most motivational.I'd like to tell you a little bit about each of these people, starting with my grandmother.

My Grandmother is seventy four years old, and looks like she fifty. She currently is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, but to look at her you would never know it. Even during this stressful time, she continues her volunteer work, works a part-time job and always finds time to call me and brighten my day. Although she is actually my grandmother by marriage, no-one has ever made me feel more loved or wanted. She is truely an inspiration to me, my family , and the many people who's lives she has touched.

My children are definately a motivation in my life. Each time I look at thier precious faces, my heart melts. These two little girls can get me to do just about anything for them with a simple smile. I love to come home from work and have them rush for me, as if we had been apart for months. I can't wait for school to end each day, so that I can talk to them. Knowing that I am responsible for keeping these two little girls safe and happy motivates me daily.

I am grateful for the boss I have, and the motivational support he gives me. This is a man who strives to know how to keep his employees motivated, and does his best to achieve this. My main need for motivation in the workplace is knowledge. I need to always feel like I am learning and growing in my position, and my boss has realized that, and is constantly showing me new things, and assigning me new challenges. A boss who is this understanding of my needs deserves a pat on the back.

That is a summary of three of the things that motivate me most in life, and I thank you for allowing me to share them with you.

Honorable Mention Essay

by Theresa Douglas

I am driven by the hope that people will return to the days when one can still believe in man/woman kind. When our children will turn to us for guidence and not to "friends". when the death of one person does not justify the killing of another to show us killing is wrong. I have a small window of hope open, hoping the barbaric nature of the human kind take a back seat and the spirit of the honest,and true, kinder humans again resurect. The days when man and woman can compromise and still be qual,can share and still learn from one another. When color of one skin isnt a inconvience but a asset of learning about different cultures.When we dont have sex with children and children dont have sex with others under any circumstances. im also driven by the hope that gangs and cults and separtist dont need false 'families", that the people surrounding them are caring nurturing and genuine human beings that want only the best intientions for them and the respect deserve by each person. im driven by the last hope that one day, in the near future,in the lifetime of my son's generation that we learn and love and respect us for just being us, not perfect, not without mistakes, but with good intentions and a soft kind heart for fellow mankind.

Honorable Mention Essay

by Sue Latina-Sterrett

I stood, hands shaking, in front of a standing-room only audience. As I began, a single thought came to me. She would be proud. Proud. The call had come just days before. My inspiration, my mentor, my best friend, was dead. In an instant, my mom was gone. All the years, all the words, a whole life came back to me, as I began the long, sad journey of grief. Over and over, I realized how much she had inspired me, driven me, been that single force showing me what I really wanted. Through college, through law school, and finally, in the early years of mothering, she was there for me. A quiet, strong woman, my mother showed me what it really meant to succeed. So, I stood, for one important moment, at this remarkable woman's funeral, and I read the eulogy that I had written for her. I spoke of her life, her loves,and her compassionate works. As I looked out at those who had gathered to honor her, my own daughter smiled at me from the sea of familiar faces. In her face, I saw my mother, and I saw myself, and I saw what inspiration women bring to one another. Yes, my mom would be proud. Sometimes, the driving force can be gentle, nurturing, and loving, and the closest to your heart.

Honorable Mention Essay

by Trudy Le Beau

What drives me most is a desire to be more of a mother to my three bright children. What tries to hold me back each day is a disease called Multiple Sclerosis. This disease has robbed me of the ability to be many things to my children that I want to be, such as participating in play and sports, attendance at many functions (the fatigue keeps me home a lot).

Yet for all the things I have had to give up because of MS, I have gained a lot. The main gain I have received is that I am now a full-time stay-at-home mother. I have all the time in the world to spend reading, cooking, talking, and cuddling with my kids. My children have the security of always having someone home for them. I find I spend a lot more time having wonderful conversations with my 12 year old daughter. My 5 year old daughter and 4 year old son have never had a babysitter and are already reading and doing simple math.

I find that my children and I exchange the role of caretaker frequently. Although I am their main caretaker (their dad works full-time), on my bad days when I have difficulty walking and am very tired, they become my caretakers. They pick up their toys, they make their beds, they feed the dog, they even fold and put away laundry! My children will be much more self-sufficient and independent when they're older because they learned responsibility early. Sometimes I regret this, because I think they had to grow up too fast. But then I look at their happy faces and realize that they're going to be just fine.

There may come a day when I become unable to walk and have to use a wheelchair. But my children will be able to deal with whatever comes along and will inspire me to do the same.

Honorable Mention Essay

by Judy Kilton

Mmmmmmmmm...... a question to ponder........ One would say its family...and yet another would say its a significant other..but what drives me is my heart.. A feeling like no other...its like a touch...a smell.. it engulfs you... As a teacher i see my students grow when they see me put my heart and soul into my their mentor I only want success for them.. As an aspiring plus female model my enthusiasm is my drive.... Can't imagine life without a quest. Each day presents a new and wonderful challenge. I take those challenges as I take on anything else, with grace, purpose and with my whole being. I never take things lightly. I observe them, and encourage myself that no matter what I have that power within myself to make it or break it. As society begins to change its views on "weight challenged" people it will never be able to walk an inch in my shoes... As a large women in a small minded society I have heard it all.. Its much easier for them to feel comfortable with themselves saying their commentary about size behind you and its another thing to be them and having to wake up with themselves each morning...I have come to the conclusion that its tougher on them then it is on me.. I have accepted me with open arms... My sense of self is at its all time high...I am healthy, fit, and my size 16 stature is my asset... Love,woman's intuition, and spirituality have made me who I am so far and my vision of what I can become makes me stronger. After being on a tread mill for many years and going nowhere, I can say unequivocally that what drives me is ME...

Honorable Mention Essay

by Cindy Miller

The people that drive my passion for living include my son, husband and immediate family. Through tragedy and grief, we fully appreciate each moment of life and have a passion for living. Our faith in God has always motivated us to enjoy life and be happy with life. But when my college sweetheart and husband was killed on duty as a police officer, my purpose in life was questioned. We had been married for 2 and half years and had done everything right. We had dated for five years while each receiving a bachelors and masters degree. We had a pure relatiionship until marriage. Everything was perfect. My husband had just quit his job in the business world because he felt unfulfilled and wanted to help others (my job as a high school teacher motivated him). When he was killed at the age of 26, I questioned my purpose in life. My passion for living was gone, I thought. I wanted to have a loving husband and children and to be a productive member of society. I thought my life was over. But I hung on to my faith and wonderful friends and family, knowing in my heart that there was a God who cared for me and that there had to be a purpose.I put all my heart back into my high school teaching journalism and English. We dedicated the yearbook to my husband , an outstanding , charismatic individual. My students were touched forever as they all lived the grief, doubt, anguish, and tears with me, as I was very open and honest about my life. All of the students were forver touched and keep in touch with me. I was determined to live and to have life and held on to my faith, hope and determination that I could help others and that there was a purpose in all of this. Over the first year, my faith drove me to get through a ceremony every month at the local, state or national level. I also tried to keep my family and inlaws together. But my passion for life and my faith paid off, God brought me a wonderful man, my first husband's training officer, to help me deal with the grief. After 13 months, we were married and now almost 3 years later, we have had beautiful one year old son named after my first husband Craig. We have a beautiful relationship with my inlaws who consider my 2nd husband their son and my son, their grandson. ( I lost my first baby when I was pregnant , 2 months after my first husband died) So, little craig is a true joy, I doubted that I would ever have husband or child ever. It is so overwhelming to ask what drives me to live. My faith, my experiences showed me that life is short, each moment is planned by God. I know now that I was meant to marry two of the greatest, charismatic, romantic men in the world. I have an angel in Heaven and an angel on earth. Someday, I will have the privilege of walking hand in hand with both of these men as my husbands in Heaven. Two men that became best friends through a police department. One who I met on a blind date at college and one who came to my door to tell me in the middle of the night that my first love had died. God knew I had the strength and zest for life to survive the most heartbreaking tragedy and live to help others. And I would never change my life, having the priviledge to love two of the greatest men ever.

Honorable Mention Essay

by Avilonia M. Clare

All my life a passenger
In the station wagon of life
Whether driven by my mother
Or my neighbor's best friend's wife.
"Can you? Could you? Would you?"
Everyday parts of speech
If "no" was the given reply
My transportation was bus and feet.
Now that I've popped the cherry--
21 years of passenger purity
I triumphantly flounce my license
I'm finally, truly free!!!
My hands upon the steering wheel
My foot upon the gas
I fly into the sunset
A strong, independent at last!

Honorable Mention Essay

by Ann Reda

What drives me? well, at the moment I am driven by a 10 year old rusty but reliable not as white as it used to be jeep cherokee and an unremmitting sense of being a day late and a dollar short in all that i do. my still somewhat pudgy body drives me to the health club, my husband's unrelenting concern about bills drives me to work overtime, and my children's overwhelming need for my constant attention occasionally drives me to drink- or chocolate. but most of all I am driven by a need to experience all that is wonderful in life, to enjoy the mundane as well as the spectacular, to realize that a trip to the park can be just as fun as a trip to disney world, without the need to pack everyone's suitcase.

Honorable Mention Essay

by Susan H. Anderegg

About 14 months ago I decided that enough was enough with the weight games and decided to get healthy. (Starting right after Christmas, you know, that post holiday "full feeling" always gives one incentive!

It took a combination of calorie counting (specifically weighing and measuring food), watching the fat and sodium content, and psyching myself up to exercize/walk every day. I had a new motto: The days you eat are the days you exercize!

As the weight came off gradually, I became almost addicted to walking. It was so nice to enjoy the sunrises and mother nature. (The EARLY morning walks work best for me.)

Well, needless to say, I lost 70 pounds and have been maintaining that loss for about 5 1/2 months. I still walk every day, from 5 - 7 miles, but it's sometimes on the treadmill (boring) and outside when possible. I still weigh and measure portions and am quite careful with my food selections. (I am an ice cream fanatic, so that's on my menu almost daily!) My driving incentives have been my husband (who himself has taken off over 100 pounds) and my 21 year old son who wants to take me out!!! It is also great to see people who don't recognize me any more, or who think maybe I'm terminally ill. (That's quite hilarious, actually.)

I am also driven by the fact that I feel WONDERFUL, I fit into some of my 17-year-old daughter's clothes (she's less than thrilled), and I am off my heart medication. That medication-free life is incentive enough!

Thanks for letting me share my story!

Honorable Mention Essay

by Mela Rodgers

In one word EXCITEMENT. Never knowing where I will end up. Maybe a small town that has the best chicken and dumplins I have ever tasted or high class city that has the night life to die for. I live for getting in the car and just going. No set destination and no way to get lost. Where I can never make the wrong choice on which way to go. Never being afaid of the fork in the road. Loving the feeling of speed and heavey metal. Turning my little car into a 1967 cherry red sting ray and pretending my last name is racer x. So you want to know what drives me? Well hop into my world and let me take you on my ride. Hold on it's not for the weak of heart.

Honorable Mention Essay

by CJ Lockman Hall

What drives me? Let me spell it out:

*I*va Majoli, prior to besting #1 Martina Hingis in the French Open tennis tournament: "Of course, I'm not going to go out there and think 'You have no chance. You got to the finals, it's finished.' I'm going to go out there and try to win. Everything is possible."

*N*ina Kemppel, Olympic cross-country skier, who says that when she is exhausted, with wobbly legs and painful shoulders, she reminds herself to look for more speed.

*S*erena and Venus Williams, who say they don't fear anyone, and that if you talk the talk you'd better be able to walk the walk.

*P*ete Carril, former Princeton basketball coach, who said your most important competitor is yourself.

"*I* wasn't going to let anyone pass me." Swimmer Tom Dolan after a victory in the 400IM at the 1998 World Swimming Championships.

*R*odriguez, Jennifer, on capturing 4th place in the women's 3,000 meter speed skating event at the 1998 Winter Olympics: "I don't care what place I ended up in today. I was like: I just did an awesome race."

*E*ric Bergoust, who crashed in a training jump shortly before his aerial skiing event in the 1998 Winter Olympics and returned to claim a gold medal and a world-record score.

And thank you to the literally of HUNDREDS of women who took the time to write wonderful and inspiring essays! We were SO moved and inspired by you that we are planning our next essay contest. You are wonderful!

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