Electronic Mailing Lists/Forums for Women

A Compilation List by Joan Korenman

One of the many things women online are good at is communicating and creating community. One way to communicate is through email. Mailing lists are groups of people who share emails around a particular topic or interest. It is different than public Usenet discussion groups in that the shared emails all come into your email software. This allows moderators to more closely screen out junk and abuse.

If you are new to mailing lists, you should first read up on how they work and the do's and don'ts of mailing list etiquette. A primer guide will get you started.

Before venturing out to search on mailing lists, be sure and check out the mailing lists sponsored by WWWomen!

We think the best compiled source for women's mailing lists is by Dr. Joan Korenman, Director of Women's Studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

You can browse any of the categories below or the whole list at Joan Korenman's site and use the Back button to return here.

[Note: Please save the welcome email message to any list you subscribe to so that you can reference how to unsubscribe if you so choose at a later time...]

Activist Lists

Arts & Humanities Lists

Business/Finance Lists

Education Lists

Health Lists

International Lists

Internet Information Lists

Religion/Spirituality Lists

Science/Technology Lists

Sexuality/Sexual Orientation

Social Science Lists

Women of Color Lists

Women's Studies

Joan's Full List of Lists

If you want to leap into the greater world of mailing lists across all topics, here is a search form for Liszt (billed as the largest directory of mailing lists). Use your Back button to find your way back here. Happy journeys!

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