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This form has automatic features which sends your form directly into a database for review. Therefore, please DO NOT use this form for anything other than adding a website listing. Send changes, deletions, and comments to Comments Form.

Instructions for Adding a Listing

Note: We only list sites that have women's content (i.e. the topic or focus of your site is exclusively or primarily for/about women). Breast cancer is one example, women's golf is another example. We do not list general interest topics that may be of interest to women (i.e. shoes, pets, MLM programs). Exceptions: (1) we do list sites where the content is not women-focused IF it is a for-profit business 51% owned by a woman or women AND this is reflected somewhere on the web site's home page, (2) it is a personal page by a woman to be listed under our Personal Pages category. Sites are reviewed periodically to verify on-going appropriateness for our directory.

Only complete forms can be processed.

Before we get started, we need to verify you are a live person entering this submission on our website (as opposed to us being spammed by autosubmitting software). It's easy, simply type in the number you see here: 95

Today's Date (##/##/##): 

Suggested Category:  
Site's Title:        

Hints on entering Title
  • Keep the title brief
  • Use the official business name of a commercial site, not a slogan.
  • Main words of title should have first letter of each word capitalized.
  • Do not use all capital letters.
  • Do not use marketing slogans or superlatives. These will all be edited out.

Complete URL:        

Hints on entering a URL
  • Please supply the entire URL and make sure it works.
  • We will only consider URL addresses other than the home page address if it is appropriate, at the discretion of our directory editors.

Site Summary:        

Hints on entering a Summary
  • Write a brief, readable phrase in English (even if your site is foreign based, please translate in English what it is about and then what language(s) your site is written in.
  • Avoid repeating the title in the summary statement.
  • First letter of the first word should be capitalized. That is it! (Except for names of things, etc.)
  • Do not use marketing slogans or superlatives. These is a summary statement about your site, not a sales pitch. Hype will be edited out.

Woman-Owned Business?:  
(Put Capital "Y" if yes, and leave blank if Non-Profit, Personal or a For-Profit Business Not Woman Owned.)
If your for-profit business is woman-owned, the following is required to receive a "woman-owned" designator for your listing.

Owner's Name:   
Owner's Phone:  

Web Site Owner Information:

Owner's Name:         

Owner's Company:      
Owner's Address:      
Owner's City:         
Owner's State:        
Owner's Zip:          
Owner's Country:      

Owner's Email:        

Owner's Phone:        
Owner's Fax:          

On your website, do you run any of these: chat room(s), mailing list(s), message board(s)?
[Mark x if yes, leave blank if no]

We will review each submission for relevancy and appropriateness. If you have completed the information above, you are ready to submit your application to be added.

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