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We have provided a listings of our sites by category from our home page. Often, the very volume of listings makes it difficult to find the sites you are most interested in. We therefore have provided a keyword search engine so you can narrow your search to just the topics that interest you!

A keyword search takes the word [we recommend no more than 3 words for faster searches] you have entered as a keyword and it searches our database within the Title of the site, the URL, or the summary statement and it builds a customize list based upon your request.

Note: the keyword MUST exist somewhere in the Title, URL, or summary statement. You can always browse through the category listings on our home page to see how sites are listed.

This is a directory of sites about and for women, so using women as a keyword will not get you very far. They are all about women! Take it to the next level of interest and start your search there.

Search Options on the Advanced Page

Quite often it is enough to just enter one or two keywords on our home page to get the list of sites you are looking for. You may never need the search form above. But if you need to make your search more narrow [selecting ALL words in your query rather than the default ANY], or if you want to screen out some subset of listings from your customize list [selecting for example, "sports" but not "basketball"].

These two options give you more flexibility in creating the kind of customized list you want.

If you have more questions, please feel free to email us.

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